For instance, I didn't want to pay more than $7 for Deadly Creatures but kept seeing it online for $10 - $20. #15 – Cave Story (Digital) Yoshi! When visiting a friend in another town, he borrowed an N64 from another kid and we spent all day playing this, taking turns in single-player until we finished it. For whatever reason people are more likely to keep their Wii games rather than trade them in. One of my proudest ever gaming moments was completing it on the fastest speed with the highest level of preformed blocks, and saw the whole orchestra and rocket blasting off. #42 – Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars #4 – Mega Man X (Digital) #56 – Donkey Kong Country (Digital) I wish the DS games were more like this one, and that Link got to go on more adventures outside the regular Hyrule/Zelda template. * Mini Ninjas #14 – The Beatles: Rock Band #29 – Okami I remember playing this all the time at the Mexican restaurant next to 7-11. I'll take on King Hippo anytime though, even right now. #71 – No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I think so. #70 – Cave Story (Digital) #81 – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney #74 – EA Sports Active #15 – ThruSpace (Digital) I struggled to find the self-restraint to avoid warping and play through every level, but man is it hard when you know where they're at. The game that launched a thousand memes. #27 – Lost Winds: Winter of the Melodies (Digital) #73 – Bit.Trip Flux (Digital or Bit.Trip Complete) #35 – Pikmin 2 (New Play Control!) I have a boxing poster of Little Mac versus Soda Popinski that I bought at the I Am 8-Bit art show hanging in my living room. The remotely good ones are always out of stock. What an amazing and involving game. I got it for a Christmas gift in high school, and didn't have enough games to snub it, so I gave it my all. Overall I dug it. #37 – Metroid Prime 3: Corruption As for the prices it's because of supply and demand. It's the WIi's turn! #52 – Mega Man 9 I didn't own an N64 back in the day, so I'm still trying to catch up on some of the classic releases of that time. Home » News » Wii News » Top 100 Best Wii Games of All Time. I played the 3DS version of this one. #97 – Rock Band I'm not an MMO guy, but I played the 10-hour free trial and I thought it was OK. People are more likely to replay them than other console games. Maybe I came to this one too late. But there have been some amazing Wii games. By March 31, 2020, over 921.69 million total copies of games had been sold for the Wii. #16 – Guitar Hero 5 #88 – Xenoblade Chronicles No! Is this the best launch title ever? If you mean like that one Metroid game that was always hard to find even when it first came out. #84 – Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure I'm sure my girlfriend wondering why she sometimes heard me muttering: "Hey! Ah, the good old days. A friend from out of town came to visit and brought a PS2. #48 – Rune Factory Frontier They are as follows: As the list was presented each issue, Nintendo Power presented smaller Top 5 lists alongside the main TOp 200 best games. Going at least by metacritic, there are roughly 150-200 physical games at 70+. It may be 2015 soon and Nintendo’s mighty waggle-giant may have been officially put to bed, but Wii games can still be found brand-new in stores like Walmart! Ivy's combination sword-and-whip is one of the best fighting game weapons ever. Did anyone else spend hours playing in Debug mode just filling the screen with bumpers and nonsense? #22 – DJ Hero The best DS games, in contrast, are always in stock and easy to find second-hand for cheap. Comment and let me know. If you have a price expectation below that amount, it can be difficult to find a game in the wild for that price. I still think this is the best game of the series. #22 – Lost In Shadow I don't really collect for any other system, so I can't talk about DS games. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #72 – A Boy & His Blob (2009 Remake) #44 – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Great ending! It essentially invented a genre: the "kart" racer. * Toki Tori (Digital) #80 – Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (Digital) I can't even explain how excited I was for this game, and the fact is, I was a bit disappointed. #19 – Art of Balance (Digital) I remember being a kid playing this at the corner store with friends and various strangers. #58 – Call of Duty: World At War The best-selling game on the Wii is Wii Sports. #54 – Rhythm Heaven Fever #48 – Bit.Trip Complete [1], Best-selling video game hardware and software. All I remember is how happy I was that Christmas when I got my SNES and spent days with Mario and Yoshi just eating apples and stomping goombas. : Safari Rescue (Digital) #98 – Geometry Wars: Galaxies #21 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 I'm sure I played it dozens of times when I was a kid, but I was never really that into it, and I didn't get very far in the game. #91 – Boom Blox I played it in the arcades a few times, but I was much more into the Genesis version. All this makes the Nintendo Wii an outstanding system no matter what you year you buy it in. One of the best ever! Oh hell yes. #49 – Swords & Soldiers (Digital) But every time I go into a Gamestop or store that still has second hand Wii games. #8 – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations (Digital) I have probably spent more hours with Oblivion than I have any other single video game. Sonic came along with just the right look, style, and attitude for that period. #66 – Twin Strike: Operation Thunder #94 – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play #14 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Digital) Granted I wasn't huge on the whole eating/exercising mechanic, but everything else was perfection. * Mario Strikers Charged The DS edition of Mario Kart is, in my opinion, the best one, but I can see including this one for its influence. We rented this and a Twisted Metal game. #78 – escapeVektor (Digital) #41 – Boom Blox View all results for Nintendo Wii Games. #90 – Doc Louis’ Punch-Out!! #60 – Monster Hunter Tri Obligatory reference to the Wizard! I know I owned this game, and I know I had the first Mega Man too, but to be honest I don't really remember either one of them that well. I played it years after it came out so I didn't get the most out of it, but I'm glad it exists because it lead to the creation of many more great games down the line. My ambition is to play every game on the list. #37 – Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Fun game! #60 – Dead Space: Extraction Fantastic game. This is a wonderful game, but it didn't get me like the first one did. #18 – Go, Diego, Go! #92 – A Boy And His Blob #26 – Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Hey, it's Pac-Man again! When one of the original tracks comes up in a newer Mario Kart it's amazing how small and flat they were compared to where we are now. #24 – Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros’ Treasure #93 – Super Mario Bros. 3 (Digital) #74 – GoldenEye 007 2010 #63 – Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection Our list of the top 25 Wii games has been newly revised for 2012. It's much better than the sum of its slogans. I'm not a big FPS guy anyway, and this really wasn't doing it for me. I actually upgraded my PC just so I could play it. #33 – Kirby Super Star (Digital) It's also got middle-game syndrome, where it doesn't have a real ending. #94 – Trauma Center: Second Opinion Read his posts here and connect with him on Youtube. It may be 2015 soon and Nintendo’s mighty waggle-giant may have been officially put to bed, but Wii games can still be found brand-new in stores like Walmart! It had updated graphics and smoother gameplay, and really made the whole experience a lot more fun. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project,, Games that are sequels based on movies/TV/comics that star talking animals and prominently feature ninjas: 1. #76 – NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits I even loved Sonic Spinball! The games look better and play equally as well on WiiU hardware, WiiU owners have had time to play everything in their native library, but aren't ready to step up to more modern systems. I think I first played it three or four years ago. ... Our Top Picks. The Top 200 Games according to Nintendo Power were revealed through five issues of the ever popular magazine, starting in Volume 196 and ending in Volume 200, as a way of celebrating their 200th issue. I love the variety of play, the puzzles, the boss battles, and even the bug catching side-quest was kind of fun. I played this like a year or so ago. * Sonic Colors Yup, this is it. Brawl might technically be a better game, but this had a bigger impact on me. Not as impactful as GTAIII and not as ambitious as San Andreas, but still very worthy. We’ve found15 of the best Wii games for kids and reveal some tips on keeping screen time safe.. There’s one for each interest and age group.