This brownie recipe is fabulous for these because they aren’t overly sweet. To eliminate the brownies from sticking in the pan, the mini muffin pans need to be greased extremely well. Grease the mini muffin pans thoroughly. I bake mine in 2 mini muffin tins, each holding 24 brownies. Tips for Baking Fudgy Brownie Bites. These brownie cups come out dense (in a good way), chewy, and has a … Baking brownies in a pan that’s too small means that the batter will be thick in the pan … Slightly under baking these brownie bites keeps their centers fudgy, which may sometimes cause the bites to be a bit difficult to remove, so grease pans well. 2 – Use the Right Size Pan. If you enjoy those gooey, soft center pieces, you should probably stick with making It’s important that you have just the right size pan to make box brownies moist. The recipe makes 48 mini brownie bits. Once the pans are filled, bake’em! If the recipe calls for an 8×8 pan, make sure not to substitute with a different size.