Because the majority of the world is NOT the USA and some Americans do visit or work over here? I have one permanently on my person, in a leather case, secured on my belt & this does have a locking blade on it. I want to go camping in a nature reserve near where I live in East London. Yeah, but how do you “ban” knives? Unlike some places, we try to steer away from the terms of ‘UK-Legal Carry’ as this implies that other knives that are available in the UK are not legal, but as described above, all of the cutting tools sold via our website are legal if being used responsibly and appropriately in the correct environments. That being said, those of you overseas might get a kick out of learning about some of the nonsense we have to deal with. You think they are bright enough to come up with those on their own? Walking sticks that feature a sword within them. I usually carry a very small non-locking penknife but I’d like to be able to carry a small lock knife, particularly as I don’t think that slip joints at particularly safe. It seems everyone has an idea of what they can and can’t carry, but in reality, the situation here is both very simple and extremely nuanced depending on the application of the law as per what law enforcement “feels” the law should be. Enter your email address and hit "Go" to receive notifications of new posts by email. We have specific laws that “ban” knives with the word “combat” written on the blade, as well as knives that have zombie themes. As a resident of the US State of Maine and someone who recently acquired a Benchmade Infidel, our state also legalized the carry of automatic knives for any citizen a couple of years back. Push daggers offer very little advantage tactically to the average idiot. E-Mail Address. View smaller images View larger images. All sober drivers should have their cars taken away to prevent car deaths. Thanks for dropping by Alex! When it comes to a more 'mass produced' knife, I have found the quality to be rather good.In theory it is always better to go with a the tried and tested manufacturer.But, when it comes to pocket knives, the build and material quality is normally a very high standard. Ask yourself this question “what do I want to use my pocket knife for?”. So please read this guide and use it alongside your own judgement and common sense. Knife aficionado and lifelong tinkerer. The key term is that of ‘Reasonable Cause’. I understand and agree with the banning of push daggers, disguised blades or others that would be of value to criminals. When we break down UK knife law, it’s not quite as confusing as it first appears, although in some areas it can be a little vague. These are all considerations when choosing a new folding pocket knife. Obviously, we’ll also be adding non-UK legal knives as well (they can’t stop us from carrying what we want on private property! Before we begin, this article is designed to be a simple, yet useful and informative guide to UK Knife Law as it currently stands (at the time of writing)here in the UK. The emphasis and responsibility is always down to the owner/person using/carrying the knife and it is your job to be able to provide sufficient evidence of ‘Reasonable Cause’. You do not have to believe anyone as you can check the law for yourself. Say what you want but a system thats designed to resist consolidation of power is always going to be superior compared to the mish mash of common law we have here. The Police officer is the one who makes the call on the grounds of a “reasonable excuse” if they find a knife over 3″ or with a lock / fixed blade. Live in the UK – how do you feel about the UK knife laws? check out all our reviews of UK-friendly folders, Looking Back: Our 2015 Year End Survival Post Review, Why You Shouldn’t Prep Out of Fear (& Why You Should Prep Instead), Knife Blade Steels - A Comprehensive Guide (+ Steel Comparison Chart), Survival Gear: Affordable Quality Gear, Making Your Own Kit, & More, Knife Guides: Best EDC Knives, Myths, Sharpening, & More, First Aid: Super Gluing Cuts, Imodium for Emergencies, & More.