What is wrong with you people? Though overall short and simple, if you've ever had any desire to play a cooking game...this might just scratch the itch. It just had the unfortunate luck of dropping for a console that didn't have much enthusiasm surrounding it and was already on its way out. It really was overlooked! To put it simply: this is a list of Wii games that received good ratings (either by critics or users) but haven't sold that great. Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition) Shane R. Monroe has been doing technical and social commentary writing for over 20 years. meh same like ign revealing mercenaries 2 and table tennis-_- ign= phail. Red Steel 2 is a great use of Wii Motion , but perhaps due to Red Steel one's bad reputation, people have ignored it. Dead Space Extraction. Elebits It's actually quite mature in nature...and even has some adult themes. As a result, a sequel called Fast Racing RMX found its way to the Nintendo Switch at that console's launch in March 2017. Thank you! In the Wii's heyday, we could've overlooked any number of its wonderful games. While it may have some strange design choices, the end result is something greater than the sum of its parts. I wonder if he is talking about stuff that is incredibly innovative and are like those games like that Puppet Show that some developer was talking about. The Nintendo Wii U was a dud. The title looked to capitalize on the following of WarioWare with mini games designed for the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen, and featured 16 different game types in total. Before it reached a single console, it debuted on Windows in 2014, which is already crowded with plenty of other retro-style games. A spectacular fast and fun fighting game by Capcom. I also had a super fun time with Link’s Crossbow Adventure, which exclusively came with that Wii Crossbow controller thingy. Ever heard of Disgaea? Reviewers in the west almost overwhelmingly scored the game poorly, and it's rumored that Devil's Third only sold around 3,000 copies in the first month following its release; a dismal figure. Super Mario World, a bona fide classic, came with the purchase of a Super Nintendo. Or, of course “I already played that”. 5. Oh god, my point really was WHO CARES. Wa-ha! It has an open world, a deep story line, memorable characters, and lots of stuff to do. Everything that makes the “big boy” versions so addictive is in tact here – online play, perks, XP leveling up – the works. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Customized to play to the strengths (and controlsd) of the Wii with adult themes and fantastic graphics – somehow no one paid attention to this game. That doesn't really sound like game demos to me, sadly. Hey there! The truth is, while Nintendo Land was technically a pack-in game at the Wii U's debut, it only showed up in the console's more expensive Deluxe package , which came in at a price $50 higher than the base model. 4. And sales were simply dreadful. Make it like WiiSports 2 with a better longer baseball game and boxing in there plus cricket, rugby, soccer, and polo and this will be sweet. An excellent remake of a playstation 2.5d platformer with really good graphics and good control. If you thought Boom Blox was brilliant, you need to give this title a look. I'm looking specifically for older games. It’s a puzzle adventure type game that uses motion controls the right way. I know that's vague -- has to be, but I've seen some stuff that you simply have no idea even exists and frankly, if you did, you'd flip out. This is likely why a remastered version of the game found its way to four other platforms — the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows — in 2017. The story is really basic and the action is easy. Beating someone up with the X button is one thing – lifting them up by their lapels using the Wii controls and beating them by actually punching is much more immersive. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, Why the Wii U could be the greatest console ever made (and how Nintendo is screwing it up) | Review Lagoon, Wii on Wii U Gamepad: What Makes Off-Screen Play the Killer App | Review Lagoon, The Next Gen Console Wars: The Ultimate Question Answered | Review Lagoon, Why you can’t play Wii games using Wii U’s Gamepad Controls | Review Lagoon. Despite the above examples, Nintendo Land on the Wii U didn't get near as much love as it deserved, though it launched with the console and packed quite a bit of fun into its totally free package. What most of the Wii games should have been. This has to be the most fun I’ve had beating the living crap out of hordes of bad guys EVER.