Wunsch, Carl. Since the atmosphere is fixed to the earth by gravity and rotates with the earth, there would be no circulation if some force did not upset the atmosphere's equilibrium. In the winter this is by far the coldest form of the mistral. Wyoming is windy and during the winter there are frequent periods when the wind reaches30 to 40 mph with gusts of 50 or 60 mph (ranks 1st in the US with an annual averagewind speed of 12.9 mph). The good weather is confined to the coast of the Mediterranean, while it can rain in the interior. The wind maps show the average windspeed of the last 180 minutes at an altitude of 10m above ground. The mistral usually blows from the north or northwest, but in certain pre-alpine valleys and along the Côte d'Azur, the wind is channelled by the mountains so that it blows from east to west. Windy.app is a professional weather app, created for water and wind sports: sailing, surfing, fishing, and etc. Jet Stream. It is caused by a thermal depression over the interior of Provence (The Var and Alpes de Haute-Provence), created when the land is overheated. The trade winds. It usually happens in July, and only in the valley of the Rhône and on the coast of Provence. General This is the wind, wave and weather statistics for Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle in Île-de-France, France. "Blow winds and crack your cheeks - photographing the Mistral by Rachel Cobb", US Navy Marine Meteorology - Mediterranean Mistral Tutorial, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mistral_(wind)&oldid=967931573, Articles containing Catalan-language text, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles containing Maltese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 July 2020, at 05:43. These are winds that occur and are regularly observed in a certain place due to certain local characteristics. 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Windy.app is a professional weather app, created for water and wind sports: sailing, surfing, fishing, and etc. Kona (southeast wind in Hawaii, replacing trade winds, bringing high humidity and often rain) Nor'wester (wind that brings rain to the West Coast, and warm dry winds to the East Coast of New Zealand's South Island, caused by the moist prevailing winds being uplifted over the Southern Alps, often accompanied by a distinctive arched cloud pattern) A Fête du Vent (Festival of Wind) is held periodically on the Prado Beach in Marseille. • Produces 200 m resolution wind resource maps • AWS Truewind uses a numerical weather model with climatic data and wind flow model to produce the preliminary maps • Does not depend on high-quality surface wind data • Maps designed for regional wind mapping and not micrositing • Preliminary maps of 50-m annual average wind resource The diagram for Paris shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed. HEMISPHERIC PREVAILING WINDS. Sometimes it also blows from the north-north-east toward the east of Languedoc as far as Cap Béar. These current conditions and the related content/links on this page are not a substitution for the official weather briefing from the FAA. The mistral also blows away the dust, and makes the air particularly clear, so that during the mistral it is possible to see mountains 150 kilometres (93 miles) and farther away. This creates a flow of air from the north toward the east of Provence. The trade winds of the Pacific represent the eastern and equatorial parts of the air circulation system; they originate in the subtropical high-pressure zones that are most pronounced over the northeast and southeast Pacific between latitudes 30° and 40° N and S, respectively. The Current Wind map shows the current wind speed and direction for the most recent hour. This wind is frequently cancelled out close to the coast by the breezes from the sea. Prepared wind rose plots show winds for the whole year over the period of record plus a plot for every month of the year. Wind Rose Information. The farmers of the Rhône Valley have long planted rows of cypress trees to shelter their crops from the dry force of the mistral. This cold, dry wind usually causes a period of cloudless skies and luminous sunshine, which gives the mistral its reputation for making the sky especially clear. It has a major influence all along the Mediterranean coast of France, and often causes sudden storms in the Mediterranean between Corsica and the Balearic Islands.[4]. Climate in the Languedoc in the South of France. There is also, however, the mistral noir, which brings clouds and rain. We provide archived past measurements from this and many other weather stations. Live wind speed map and wind direction. NOTE: Prevailing wind direction is based on the hourly data from 1992-2002 and is defined as the direction with the highest percent of frequency. Statistics based on observations taken between 07/2002 - 11/2020 daily from 7am to 7pm local time. Once you've selected your station of interest, click the Select Station button. during the summer, winds blow on a North/South axis, little bit more from the South than from the North. Move the marker on the wind map and check the forecast for the selected place. [citation needed] It is most common in the winter and spring, and strongest in the transition between the two seasons. The wind maps show the average windspeed of the last 180 minutes at an altitude of 10m above ground. When the flow of air comes from the northeast due to a widespread low pressure area over the Atlantic and atmospheric disturbances over France, the air is even colder at both high altitudes and ground level, and the mistral is even stronger, and the weather worse, with the creation of cumulus clouds bringing weak storms. Click on the link for ‘Wind Rose Plots.’ Next, select your state, then select the .gif file for the location and month(s) of the year you are interested in. Its average speed during the day can reach about 50 km/h (31 mph) / 14 m/s (27 kn), calming noticeably at night. NR = Not Recommended. "mud-eater"). The mistral (Catalan: Mestral, Greek: Μαΐστρος, Italian: Maestrale, Maltese: Majjistral, Corsican: Maestral) is a strong, cold, northwesterly wind that blows from southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the northern Mediterranean. Get detailed weather forecast, live world wind map, and local weather reports. Naval Research Laboratory, Marine Meteorologial Divisio (, Definition from the Website of Meteo France, the national weather service of the French government. Climate describes the average weather conditions of a particular place over a 30 year period . Title: Arizona prevailing wind … Also, a wind forecast map is available, the map includes all changes of wind for a 10 days period by 3 hours steps. Wind speed units can be changed in the preferences (top right). In the Languedoc area, where the tramontane is the strongest wind, the mistral and the tramontane blow together onto the Gulf of Lion and the northwest of the western Mediterranean, and can be felt to the east of the Balearic Islands, in Sardinia, and sometimes as far as the coast of Africa. All available wind data is provided regardless of POR or source.