Yamaha FS820 vs Yamaha FS830. Yamaha FS800 Shop now at Amazon Yamaha ... Yamaha FS850. While it may suit younger players, it's a very cool piece for electric players, too: its more Gibson-like string spacing and scale feel very familiar - a plectrum player's tour de force. Shares. suggested Yamaha FS800 Yamaha FG820 Yamaha FS720 Yamaha FG800 Yamaha FG830 Yamaha FS800 Yamaha LS6 Yamaha FS850 Yamaha C70 Ashton D20. The Yamaha FS830 produces a rich sound, with strong low to mid-range. Popular comparisons. Yamaha FS820 Shop now at Amazon Yamaha ... Yamaha FS850. Add products. Yamaha FS800 vs Yamaha FS830. Add products. Popular comparisons. To achieve this, the guitar features a scalloped bracing pattern that enhances sound and adds durability to the product. Pros Our Verdict. Yamaha FS850 Concert Acoustic Guitar The FS850 is a beautifully crafted small-body instrument featuring a natural mahogany solid top, mahogany back and sides with mahogany reveal binding. This product is made for right-handed players to comfortably use. suggested Yamaha FG800 Yamaha APX600 Yamaha C70 Yamaha JR1 Yamaha FG820 Yamaha LS6 Yamaha FS820 Yamaha FG850 Yamaha C40 II Yamaha FS850. The FS800 Series was designed with a new scalloped bracing pattern … Yamaha FS850 review The FGs little bro' £398; €418; By Dave Burrluck 22 October 2016. The Yamaha FS830 has a concert type body, with a glossy finish for added style.