The figures differ slightly, depending on the source, so let’s take a look at what they each say about the average salaries for web designers in the United States: If we average these numbers together, we end up with a salary of $24 /hour or $51,564/year for web designers. What’s the best way to start a career in web-design? Staying ahead of trends and learning a CMS such as WordPress, or new JavaScript frameworks such as React or Vue, will help you get a huge leg up against the competition and stay ahead of the curve. Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments. I struggle with literacy a little bit so emailing clients is a big challenge, I worry sometimes I sound like a bit of a robot. I find the business side of things most challenging, interacting with clients and time management. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Thankfully, as the data above shows us, web designers are making a pretty good living for themselves — all around the globe. I love being able to give clients results that give their cashflow a massive jump. Figure out if you want to be a web designer, developer or a business owner. It’s more about the cost of living as well as the demand for design talent that influences how much they get paid. For example, Dribbble found a difference in earnings between those who worked on-site at and those who worked remotely: This difference can likely be attributed to the fact that most remote workers are freelance, which means a client doesn’t pay for benefits like time off, health insurance, 401k, and so on. Once you know what you want to be learn a bit about the other roles but focus on excellence in your own and plan your career out over the next 5 years. The average Web Designer salary is $47,313 as of October 28, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $42,186 and $53,347. SharePoint. Though it’s not likely to do with who employs you and more likely about how you work for them. As a web designer, your salary will depend on your experience, portfolio and whether you work for a company or on a freelance basis. Compare salaries for Web Designers in different locations. So, what does this demand for professionally built and well designed WordPress websites mean for your earning potential? Matan enjoys psychological horror movies and 80's Chinese restaurants. Becoming a web designer provides you with countless opportunities to acquire new skills along the way, as well as a lucrative ‘jumping-off’ point to refine and branch out a career path across countless areas of expertise. What’s the best way to start a career in web-design? Web designers are an essential part of a businesses’ success, as 94% of first impressions are all design related and the website’s credibility is 75% aesthetics-related. Many web designers have varying needs to do their job well. How did you get into web-design? Senior Salary. Another cost effective option is to find a Udemy Instructor who can provide training remotely, or sign up to any one of a number of online learning platforms. While the state or location of a web designer may dictate some of the salary requirements for web designers because of cost-of-living expenses, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the 2017 median pay of a web designer to be $48,700 per year, equating to approximately $23.41 per hour. How much does a web designer make in the United States? Salaries typically start from $13.59 per hour and go up to $35.10 per hour. This gives web designers the freedom to set their own schedules and pay, which is the case for approximately 18% of web designers, according to a 2016 report. Most web designers and developers work in offices across the country. Compare Explore Web Designer openings. Having studied graphic design at university, I found I really enjoyed the few web design subjects I had. As a former journalist, she never lost her love to write. Below are four of the highest paying geographical areas and how they rank on affordability in the most recent MERIC report (out of 51 total regions): Washington, D.C.: 50 What do you enjoy about the job? I was drawn to the idea of becoming a sort of ‘visual architect’ where I could combine creative and tech skills to craft a vision and scope for a website. This is really interesting for people that want to start looking at it as a full time job like me! Companies like Parker Dewey connect college leavers with businesses offering paid ‘micro-internships’, which typically last between 5 – 40 hours. Internships are another helpful way for young or amateur designers to learn new skills and many colleges and universities offer internship connections to local businesses or agencies that allow students to shadow professional web designers and developers, as well as provide them hands-on experience in designing for clients and audiences. Web Design Salaries by Experience. According to Dribbble’s 2019 Global Design Survey, these are the most common employment types: Focusing strictly on web designers who work full-time — whether it be as a freelancer or an employee — you can expect some variation in what you get paid based on your work arrangement. Here’s the breakdown of average senior-level salaries for web designers in the U.S.: This one is a huge factor in terms of how much a website designer gets paid.