Nov 1, 2012 - Explore Native Seeds Pty Ltd's board "Weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides)" on Pinterest. Because of its attractive appearance, its persistence and high grazing value gives this grass a wide range of uses. Find store information, opening times, services, tools and more. A versatile large Australian native shrub, Weeping Lilly Pilly Waterhousea floribunda, is very useful as a large hedging plant or screening tree. Most change through the seasons, marking the passage of time, while their abundant seed heads are a magnet for … Type: Spreads short distances by rhizomes underground. Anemanthele lessoniana Gossamer Grass. Weeping rice-grass (Microlaena stipoides) In South Australia, weeping rice-grass makes a great lawn. Carex dipsacea. But if you do decide to prune, wait until late spring just after the … It can be grown throughout the state, but fares best in cool, semi-shady spots, such as the Adelaide Hills. New foliage … Add to cart View. Sale! Carex Comans Green. Treatments in Los Algodones - Browse listings, compare prices, read real patient reviews and book your plastic surgery appointment online. Get backyard, front yard ready with our range of outdoor plants best suited to Australian gardens. Betula pendula ‘Silver Birch’ 8” Pot – Bulk Buy 3 $ 59.99 $ 49.99. The range has been established since 1948 and has been innovating to ensure the newest and best seeds are brought to the market. May 8, 2019 - Find 1.5L Weeping Fig Danielle - Ficus benjamina at Bunnings Warehouse. DETAILS ADD TO CART. Enjoy free shipping on all full boxes of plants, no minimum spend! See more ideas about grass, weeping, grass type. Then you need a shade tolerant grass that can cope with your conditions. Visit Bunnings Warehouse New Zealand today to find your nearest store! Soft feathery plumes all year round. The Plant Hub has an extensive range of hardy Australian Native and Ornamental Grasses, Strap Leaf Plants, Sedges and Pond Plants. Producing showy pink flowers in spring or fall depending on cultivar, they grow in nearly any soil conditions. Among our assortment, you will find plants to suit a wide variety of climates and garden styles. Come visit us today. Before reading on, I would like to point out that I have been laying lawns for over thirty years. Carex buchananii. Grass trees are the perfect plant for high impact gardens. Come visit us today. See more ideas about plants, shrubs, conifers garden. I am not a turf grower but an end user and, for over a decade, gone one step further by trying to recover established lawns … Able to be mown to whatever height you’d like, and creating a thick mat-like surface by using its underground rhizomes to spread, Weeping Grass is a terrific option for the cooler areas of the country. Turf grass. Pennisetum setaceum, African Fountain Grass Fountain grass is a tuft shaped perennial grass that is hardy and low maintenance, with tough green leaves and stems. Carex secta. Spreads very slowly by short rhizomes under the soil and survives well in strongly acidic soils. Height: Can be mown to any height required Baloskion tetraphyllum. In rural areas these native grasses actually reduce the fire risk and are a community asset if they are kept healthy with a slow … They have a deep root system that means it’s more drought resistant. Bushland Flora is an Australian native wholesale plant nursery supplying native plants that are drought tolerant, adaptable and hardy to Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania. It IS possible to grow a lawn in a shady area if you choose the right variety. Filter your way through our outdoor collections via height, full sun, part shade etc. The Kangaroo Grass and Weeping Grasses, that the Annual Veldt Grass is displacing are much safer in the fire season. Keep it watered during dry spells and lay a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch around the tree (but 6 inches away from the base) to help the soil retain moisture. Read more Show Details. Read more Show Details. And once established, they are an extremely hardy exclusively and iconically Australian plant - able to withstand drought, fire, and frost. DETAILS ADD TO CART. Outdoor. Their structural shape is spectacularly powerful. Acer ‘Jeffers Red’ Maple 12″ Pot Eco-Grade $ 159.99 $ 79.99. Weeping cherry prefers full sun and well-drained soil.