A dynamic seal helps keep combustion gases in the combustion chamber, which maximizes horsepower and helps prevent hot gases from contaminating the motor oil in the sump. instructions of the car manufacturer. Viscosity Mineral oils are further subdivided into three subgroups (Group I, Group II, Group III) that differ by the degree of processing they undergo. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It protects. Lubricants also absorb heat from contact surface areas and transport it to a location to be safely dispersed, such as the oil sump. Additives – simply enter your car model and you will get a selection of lubricants, Oil treated with an effective dispersant suspends dirt, metallic materials, and unburned carbon. But motor oil must do more than that for your engine to run well and last as designed. This explains why good motor oil quickly becomes dark – it fulfils its task of absorbing very well! Multigrades are primarily designed around all-season operation and convenience. They help the oil suspend combustion by-products, keeping them dispersed until the oil is drained. For example heavy duty diesel DIs will have more dispersants and be used at dosages up to about 15% of the finished oil. Don’t try this at home – leave it to companies you trust who have the technology, R&D, and resources to achieve the necessary balance so critical to performance. Used Oil Analysis: How to decide what is normal, Used Oil Analysis – How your Blackstone sample is processed, A Review of Mineral and Synthetic Base Oils, Testing the efficacy of Gumout One-N-Done with ASTM 5500, Complete Protection & Debunking Myths – Round 1, Valve Train and Timing Chain Wear – Round 2. Oxidation, the reaction with oxygen, is the main cause of oil thickening and left unchecked will lead to varnish and carbon deposits as well. But motor oil must do more than that for your engine to run well and last as designed. With so many options for motor oil, it can be overwhelming finding the perfect option for your vehicle. Synthetic base oils are manufactured by man from relatively pure and simple chemical building blocks, which are then reacted together or synthesized into new, larger molecules. We can talk about 20- 30 properties that need tob e combined together – therefore,  it takes a lot of time and knowledge to create good motor oil. One disadvantage is cost which can be several times higher than mineral-based oils. Oils are usually selected to ensure the pour point is well below anticipated ambient temperatures. Corrosion Inhibitors Protect the engine against corrosion and wear & tear as oil begins to oxidise, ensuring an increased engine life and better performances. Modern motor oils are highly specialized products carefully developed by engineers and chemists to perform many essential functions. If this is the case, you can choose an oil with a higher viscosity to reduce oil consumption. Synthetic oils have been linked to issues with seal deterioration, as well as solubility issues with leaded fuel causing deposits to develop, and passageways, like arteries, getting clogged. Lubricants reduce contact between components, minimizing friction and wear. SAE standards for lubricating oils include J1966 and J1899. Other benefits incude lower oil consumption and better fuel economy. There is a long-running debate between single and multigrade oils. - synthetic oil depot, A Beginner’s Guide to Motor Oil: What You Need to Know. To the professionals, chemists, and purists, don’t get too picky as this is written in layman terms to be understandable to the average guy. AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Why Should You Use It. This chart shows how well AMSOIL Signature Series oils neutralize acids in your oil. And therefore it is a question of life or Kinematic viscosity is expressed in centistokes and is usually given at two temperatures 40 C and 100 C. Kinematic viscosity is measured as the time required for an oil sample to flow through a viscosity tube at a standard temperature. By Barb Zuehlke. Maintenance Anti-Oxidants: These sacrificial molecules react preferentially with oxygen to protect the other components from the degrading effects of oxidation. The additives in a motor oil are what give it its qualities to help with its performance. Multigrade oils contain viscosity improvers that reduce the tendency of an oil to lose viscosity or thin out at different viscosities. Constituting 80-90% of the finished motor oil, the base oil(s) play a very important role. Oils are classified based on their measured viscosity at high temperatures for single grade oils and at low and high temperatures for multigrade oils. The jobs a motor oil must do are: friction reducer, cleaning, cooling, lessen shock on parts, prevent rust, and seal the combustion chamber. A Beginner’s Guide to Motor Oil: What You Need to Know. 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