In Conclusion; The Best Pond Pumps – UK Reviews. In order to calculate the size of pump you need just for a specific water feature … A pond pump should be on for the whole 24 hours in a day and depending upon the brands and the efficiency; a pump can last from 2 years to 11 years. For example, a waterfall one foot above the ground and pump located at the bottom of a three-foot deep pond, the water must be raised four feet to fill the waterfall. How to calculate the size of pump you need for your pond Choosing the right pond pump is a very important. Hi Robert, A couple of years ago I added several native floating plant species to our “natural” pond, which is about 9 x 18 x 3 feet deep at the deepest. Products Info Cart. What flow rate do I need for my pump and filter? This means for a 2000 gallon pond you should be pumping AT LEAST 1000 Gallons Per Hour (GPH). Below are general recommendations for choosing a pump based off the size and depth of a pond. Use our pond fountain sizing chart to determine which pond fountain will work best in your pond. If you choose an underpowered model, it won’t pump efficiently. Because of this, they are usually cooled by the air and will be noisier than submersible models. This is generally not recommended. 3 points determine which Pond, Waterfall or Filter Pump is needed: Purpose of the Pond Pump (circulating the pond water, powering a Pond Filter, Fountain or a Waterfall) The size of the Pond Pump needed/wanted for the stated purpose; The type of Pump best suited for the application; Once the size of the pond pump is determined one has the information needed to shop for Pond Pumps.. Our (not … Koi ponds need a higher turnover rate and the minimum is the full volume every hour. Use the volume calculator to calculate the volume of a pond in litres or gallons. It’s very hard to give a general amount of W for a given size of pond. Knowing the volume of your pond is important for everything . Here's some quick, basic information. This type of pump is generally more powerful and used in … 6/27/2014. Take the total volume of water in the pond and divide it by how often you want all the water to go through the filter. Pond calculators that make planning easy! Each cubic foot holds 7.48 gallons of water. What Size Pond Filter Do I Need? If the filter is to be positioned above water level check that the pumps performance at the total height above the water level (Head) that the water needs to be raised to. An aerator provides both oxygen and surface movement/flow, so provides both water oxygenation and aeration as one. The pumping capacity has a direct link to your pond size. So, how many watts do I need for my pond? How to Determine the Size of Waterfall Pump You Need: Want a waterfall feature and don't know how to figure out what size of pump you'll need? For every 10 feet of horizontal distance the water must be moved, you need to factor in a height of 1 foot. A budget option is a pump pre-filter (higher maintenance) combined with algae … So a pump that moves 500 gallons per hour would be appropriate for a 1,000 gallon pond. This allows you to select the right size filter for your pond. A common misconception is that pump size is only related to pond size; however, the size of a waterfall, stream, or fountain is typically the deciding factor for which pump will be best in your feature. How to Determine the Right … A pond calculator for working out the Volume of your pond, Liner size, Pump flow rate, and electrical running Cost. As a result of the underpowered pump, you might find that some regions of the pond develop stagnate pockets or thermal stratification. An inline pump will sit outside your reservoir. To determine the size pump you'll need, make a few measurements and calculations. Hence, your pump should have a GPH (gallons per hour) rating of at least half of your pond size. For example, a 3-foot weir requires a 4,500-gph pump. Low-powered models reduce oxygen levels in … The GPH or gallon per hour index of the pump should be at least half the size of the pond’s volume. The water in a pond with numerous fish should circulate every hour, so you would need a pump rated at 250 gallons per hour. How to size a pond pump. (And what pump to combine it with?) Therefore, the pond can hold a little more than 4,000 gallons … Flow rate for filtration. It is important to calculate the capacity of your pond, however, as a guide, for small ponds solely to run a fountain, a 700 - 1000 litre per hour pump is recommended. If you need … 2) If you are going to install a filter make sure it is designed for a pond of your size and be guided by the recommended flow rate when choosing size of pump. Air pumps work … They serve to maintain your pond’s ecological balance, and when combined with a surface skimmer, they help to remove leaves and other debris that have fallen into the water. Although most fountain pumps can be controlled so you can always adjust the power, refer to the product packaging or instruction manual to see what fountain height the pump will deliver (the 'head' is the maximum height … Pond Pump & Filter Calculator. To find the pump, look at the chart, under the column titled "pump" enter the model number of the pump in the search box located on our page's main menu to the left. What size fountain do I need for a large pond or small retention pond. 272 Responses to 'Do You Need Pond Pumps and Pond Filters to Control Algae?' Okay, we now have everything we need! The first thing to do is to work out the volume of your pond. The fine grid cages used in fountain pump designs help to ensure that the ornament doesn't become blocked, whilst still ensuring good cleaning … Where the size of the … The surface area or size of a pond is directly related to the size of the aeration system needed to properly aerate the pond. This type of pond pump can be either a pond filter pump or a pond fountain pump, depending on the size of Ornament involved.