But you don’t have to stress yourself over such a minor issue. Especially with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) health guidelines. Currently, the entire country is in lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19. COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down. No matter how good our intentions are, this coronavirus quarantine is leaving a lot of tweens and teens with too much screen time and not enough to do. your virtual event – at Smilebox we already have some ready for you [link to My daughter just celebrated her 13th birthday in mandatory quarantine. How to make your husband's or wife's birthday special in quarantine. If you want to spice up your pranks, try using a prank calling app. Shop online for Get out of your PJs and get dolled up. Before the coronavirus pandemic, most of us would have birthday parties or planned activities to do with our closest friends. Maybe decide on a theme or dress code. Coronavirus has taken a lot from us. If you and your friends are quarantine separately, download Netflix Party or watch the movie on Zoom with your friends. cramp your style. Let your child binge-watch their favorite TV show Some tie-dye sets are pricey. If you want your friends to join in, video chat them. Here are 7 things to do from home during November while in quarantine. Ideas to Upgrade Your Slideshows – Funny, Creative and Cute! It’s your birthday, so pamper yourself! You can just start painting with your favorite music in the background or follow a tutorial on youtube. If you want a quick laugh call strangers and prank them. Over 20 Ways to Celebrate Kid’s Birthdays While Home During Corovid-19 Quarantine Have friends and family send video birthday messages Ask friends and families to email you birthday messages for your son or daughter. We decided to find quarantine birthday gifts for you when you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to give to a loved one right now. Everyone is social distancing , but you’re still allowed to have gatherings of no more than 10 people and maintain a distance between each other of at least 6 feet. We asked our Mighty community to share their suggestions for celebrating a birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic. You might even have one of your favorite birthdays while in quarantine! Have a picture-perfect quarantine with your quarantine buddies. Create an at-home spa for your own birthday or the birthday of a loved one by ordering bath salts, scented candles, masks and a few magazines. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. of Duty together. Everyone should get a chance to be a comedian once in their life, so why not on your birthday. Check Out These Creative Things To Do For Your Quarantine Birthday To Make Your Big Day At Home A Lot More Special. Have some tea and sandwiches and have a tea party, just like we use to do as kids. the good people of Smilebox want to make it easy for you, so we’ve put the best We video chatted so we could all feel connected. Looking for something your teenage boy can do while stuck at home that isn't centered around a video game, Tik Tok, or Fort Nite? Have your favorite music blasting as you do your model walk. Grab your favorite wine or any alcoholic beverage of your choice if you’re over 21, grab your paint, and canvas. You can also create special backgrounds to use in night! These can serve as a great way to remember the crazy times we’re living in one day when it’s all over. Now that many of us are on lockdown or in quarantine, birthdays and other celebrations have been postponed or canceled altogether. 20 Creative Ways To Make Your Quarantine Birthday Special, 40 Fun Things You Can Do While In Self-Quarantine, 10 Romantic Date Night Ideas At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine, 13 Ways To Beat Loneliness During Quarantine When You Live By Yourself, 5 Ways To Have A Social Life During Quarantine. As social distancing becomes the reality for millions of Americans, the notion of celebrating birthdays with lockdown restrictions leads to sparks of creativity. If you’re lucky enough to quarantine with your significant other, order take out and make it a date night. Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas and how to celebrate during quarantine with your mom grandma, aunt or any maternal figure in your life! Grab a rug or blanket and bring your favorite snacks. RELATED: 13 Ways To Beat Loneliness During Quarantine When You Live By Yourself. Buy a tie-dye kit and start dying your old clothes. We compiled their answers below — and added a few gift suggestions of our own! Encourage Your Fellow Voters During Social Distancing – Get Out the Vote. Use random grocery items to come up with yummy meals. Another great activity Well, there are plenty of ideas out there, but Our current situation should not stop you from commemorating your day of birth, though! Planning a lockdown birthday celebration for your boyfriend, girlfriend or any loved one. Plan your outfits and just strut through the house. ones together in one place. Brunch over zoom is almost as good as the real thing. Happy Birthday to me! The birthday girl or boy will be the judge of the meals. The fact that we were altogether made his birthday feel a lot more normal — we had a pizza party filled with games and laughs. Does your child have a birthday coming up, and you’re struggling for ideas to celebrate during Coronavirus self-isolation? All you need for a Zoom party is an . RELATED: 20 Best Shows To Binge-Watch During Quarantine To Get Your Mind Off The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Some of these ideas work for all ages, so you’ll see duplicates in the list where the apply to different age groups. RELATED: 5 Ways To Have A Social Life During Quarantine. You all could even rewatch your favorite game. If your teenage daughter is wandering aimlessly around your house, or rotting her brain with Tiger King on Netflix, check out some of these products + kits to help keep her engaged! it’s your birthday. What a bummer. All you need to do is open your mind and use some readily available online tools. Pick your favorite songs and sing along. But you shouldn’t let social distancing 17. We asked our Mighty community to share their suggestions for celebrating a birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.