Moments after drinking it, Baelfire loses all recollection of how they got out of the cave and away from Beowulf, though Rumplestiltskin assures him that Beowulf won't bother them again. As sheriff, she is unknowingly reuniting people who would otherwise be separated due to the curse's effects. Though Belle warns Neal about the consequences should this happen, he ignores her and places the key into the seal. Leaving a trail of ice behind her, she emerges from the barn and slowly makes her way into the town. On the journey back to Tinker Bell's tree house, Emma settles the competition between Hook and Neal by stating the only person she is choosing is Henry. Marco Within Mr. Gold's body, Neal helps him resist Zelena's orders, which she uses via the dagger. Neal, Hook, and Tinker Bell go to fetch the lighter and coconut halves from the ship in case they need to catch the Shadow again. To make Emma accept her role as curse savior, August attempts to make her believe in magic, but she refuses. Storybrooke's town arms is an apple tree. Baelfire, also known as Bae, later known as Neal Cassidy, formerly known as the Mysterious Man,[2] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Emma chases after a fleeing Mr. Gold, but doesn't see when he reverts into Neal, who then runs into her. Humiliated that her husband is a coward, she argues that if he had fought and died in the war, their son could have at least have an immortalized image of how brave he was, instead of Rumplestiltskin being alive and a deserter. While contemplating this, Baelfire's friend Morraine tells him about the Reul Ghorm she heard of during the war. Subsequently, Emma and everyone else turns against Mr. Gold by drawing their weapons. From beneath the leading man, Little John, a four-year-old boy, Roland, crawls out and runs into Robin's arms. Dr. Jekyll While Emma, Mary Margaret, and Regina go to find Pan, Neal and the rest of their party plan to regroup aboard the Jolly Roger. His mother's pregnancy was the only indication they had of how much time had passed since they had returned to Storybrooke. To everyone's surprise, Neal admits he and Hook met in the past. David Nolan While they try to find a way to get back to present time, they meet a woman who was almost executed by The Evil Queen. Even though he and Emma can possibly reunite then, Neal doesn't think she would want to see him. All’s well that ends well? Charming and Snow where afraid of losing him like Emma and nearly did. He flees from his pursuer until they both careen into each other in an alleyway. In the following days, David and Henry try to find a way to bring back Emma and Mary Margaret. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Perhaps there’s no need for that question mark. He has a weakness for her tears and whenever she gets into trouble he will do anything to fix it, even sometimes lieing about things when they were littler so he would take the blame for something she did. Afterwards, Neal attempts to leave the hospital, only to be blocked by Hook, who hugs him. All they have to do is take a key hidden in the library and stick it in a magical manhole in the woods. Storybrooke functions as a consolidated city-county, a US municipality with the combined authority of a county and city. On his orders, the Lost Boys hang the cage up next to another confined prisoner. Granted, there is still one major reason that Neal may want to pay her a visit: to apologize for abandoning her and ultimately having her arrested. ("Manhattan"), Years later, after Baelfire has grown to be a young child, he wanders off from his parents while they are in the woods. David and Regina are left behind. ("A Curious Thing"), During the new curse, Mr. Gold escapes the confines of Zelena's prison. Neal offers to captain the ship on the journey back to Storybrooke. In her farm cellar, she keeps a revived Mr. Gold as her prisoner. Ursula The following evening, the four children arm themselves with kitchen utensils as weapons. He wakes up to the watchful stare of Mulan as Aurora and Phillip rush to check on him. Mitchell Herman ("Broken"), One day, Neal receives a call buzz from someone trying to gain access to his apartment. Baelfire flees for help and is able to snatch the dagger from Beowulf before summoning Rumplestiltskin, who fights Beowulf but doesn't kill him. He goes and finds the Reul Ghorm, which turns out to be the Blue Fairy. However, he agrees to part with magic if Baelfire can find a way to make it possible without dying. When Marian's sickness relapses because of Ingrid, Regina sees the only way she can live is Robin Hood, Roland, and Marian leave the town. He is worried that magic will continue to corrupt his father and wants him to be rid of. The cage bars melt away as she and Neal embrace each other. At the town border, Emma and Henry say their goodbyes to their friends and family. ("Ill-Boding Patterns"), Rumplestiltskin grows more powerful and intimidating as the Dark One, but also begins keeping Baelfire at home from the outside world. Hook is apologetic for the mess they got caught in because of Emma, and allows Neal to go. With a French accent. Once Henry and Emma head out, Neal shows Tamara the book and tells her about his life in the Enchanted Forest; stating all the fairytales in the book are real. Although Emma agrees, Neal decides to go back to his apartment as he knows what his father does to people who break deals with him. After Tinker Bell suggests using the Black Fairy's wand which Mother Superior had, Neal, David, and Hook go with her to get it from the convent nuns. As the man turns to leave, Baelfire's anger fuels him into commanding his father to murder Beowulf, despite that Rumplestiltskin doesn't want to. They’re looking for clues in the Dark One’s library when suddenly, they find help from an unexpected source: A candelabra. As Once executive producer Eddy Kitsis told TV Line, "I would think that it would be very disappointing for Emma to go down there and not have somebody talk about Neal." As they talk, Neal learns his father is serious about giving up his own life for Henry, however, he decides to kill a squid so Mr. Gold can extract squid ink, which they will use to paralyze Pan. Nimue Keith Demanding to know where his father is, Regina plays it off that she let Kurt leave town and never saw him again. – Belle promises that Rump can make Lumiére human again… and the candelabra somehow resists the urge to burst into song. After David and Hook witness someone turning into a flying monkey, it is believed The Wicked Witch cast the new curse. Aurora, having previously met Henry in the Netherworld, promises to look for him there again. They rush back down after hearing a commotion and see Mr. Gold has been stabbed by Hook, who Emma has knocked out. Fortunately, Ariel and Belle are able to break free, just in time to stop the brothers from destroying Gold's weapon. However, only the Dark One can be restored, while the latter is meant to perish. Latest appearance: ("The Queen Is Dead", "Only You"), With Henry's help, Neal pilots the Jolly Roger from New York to Storybrooke. In happier news, Regina and her second Twue Wuv have finally crossed paths in Storybrooke. ABC, Jennifer Morrison, Once Upon a Time Tamara After that he went through another curse but doesn't remember either because he was still a baby, he grew up for a while in Storeybrooke until everyone in the town decided to return to the Enchanted Forest. Instead, Neal frees an old friend, Wendy, and brings her back to camp to inquire about Henry. Once they leave Pan's camp, Neal demands an explanation. One night, he awakens to see Wendy sitting on the windowsill. Affiliation But then they realize that Ingrid is up to something: The Spell of Shattered Sight.