Ook moet het systeem zijn verbonden met het internet en moet de optie om automatisch software te downloaden ingeschakeld zijn. Il est possible d'acheter des jeux, à l'aide des Nintendo Points, issus de studios connus, tout comme de studios indépendants ainsi que, éventuellement, du contenu additionnel. Deadly Creatures is weird and wonderful. Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People: A five-part episodic point-and-click series from Telltale based on the internet cartoon series. Verder moet er op het systeem genoeg ruimte vrij zijn om de content te kunnen downloaden. and Home Sweet Home. By drawing and controlling gusts of wind, players navigate lovingly-crafted areas in a serene, slow-paced, and unique adventure. Also, why did the DKC games get taken off? And LIT was gifted to me by a friend, I never heard of this game until he told me it was a lovechild of ObsCure that got me interested. Red Steel 2 improved on the original in every way, with a much more precise, and fluid implementation that integrated first-person swordplay with shooter mechanics. Also disqualified are games that are available on disc-based collections for Wii or other consoles like the Bit.Trip series, or now-unavailable games like the Commodore 64 collection, Doc Louis's Punch-Out, and Grill-Off with Ultra Hand. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord: The semi-sequel to FFCC: My Life as a King, this one is more of a tower-building defense sim. Humans (Europe)Gradius ReBirth (Europe) (v257)Gravitronix (Europe)Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! Bij de aankoop van deze content is de Nintendo-accountovereenkomst van kracht. Two pieces of Pokémon history, neither all that fun, but there's no other place to get them but here. Even in its prime, it was one of the least popular online storefronts in gaming, despite being on the best-selling console at the time and coming equipped with a now-legendary theme song. Trip Void (Europe)Bittos Plus (Europe)Blaster Master - Overdrive (Europe)Block Breaker Deluxe (Europe)Blood Beach (Europe)Bloons (Europe)Bobby Carrot Forever (Europe)Boingz (Europe)Bomberman Blast (Europe)Bonsai Barber (Europe)Brain Challenge (Europe)Brain Drain (Europe)Bruiser and Scratch (Europe)Bubble Bobble Plus! Gradius ReBirth: The first of three WiiWare-exclusive games from Konami, mostly a remix of classic Gradius levels, but has an all-new story, a great soundtrack, and even a few cut scenes. Well, I suppose it's not really that overlooked- but it hasn't had as much success here in the states it seems. I think I may check out Jungle Speed too, since Knuckles mentioned it. In terms of underrated I would have to agree on LIT, and I would also argue High Voltage Hot Rod Show. This is your last chance to get most of these games legally. You fight insects and savage desert critters while Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton talk in the background.. Deze content wordt verkocht door Nintendo of Europe GmbH. Posts 21 to 27 of 27. Its also the only snowboarding game I've ever played that lets you blow up your friends with missiles and napalm. Wil je de Engelse versie zien? Just don't go into it expecting retro. Watching Mario get coins of out a block over and over again makes everything better, even waiting five minutes for your tiny game to download. DoRiMe Fantasy (only available in the U.S. via Virtual Console): A cute 2D platformer that is apparently a sequel to the extremely difficult and vindictive Milon's Secret Castle. Laying aside the original’s brutal difficulty, A Boy and His Blob on Wii focuses on using the Blob’s myriad, adorable transformation abilities to avoid deadly obstacles. (Europe)Solitaire (Europe)Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I (Europe)Space Invaders Get Even (Europe)Space Trek (Europe)Spaceball Revolution (Europe)SPOGS Racing (Europe)Spot the Differences! Eco Shooter: Plant 530: Another one that's more for Nintendo history buffs than anyone else, this is an on-rails FPS where all you do is shoot cans. Bonsai Barber: An adorable game where vegetable people ask you to give them a haircut. Als de tegoeden nog niet zijn samengevoegd, dan kun je dit tijdens de aankoop doen. A home console oddity of the highest order. Here are eleven of the best Wii games you might have missed. I don't know why that one didn't come to mind. - Hidden Object Game: Nintendo WiiWare: Aha! Het tegoed dat te gebruiken is via je Nintendo-account, moet dan worden samengevoegd met het tegoed dat verbonden is aan je Nintendo Network ID. Nintendo WiiWare: 5 Arcade Gems: Nintendo WiiWare: 5 Spots Party: Nintendo WiiWare: 5-in-1 Solitaire: Nintendo WiiWare: 81diver Wii: Nintendo WiiWare : Adventure Island - The Beginning: Nintendo WiiWare: Adventure on Lost Island - Hidden Object Game: Nintendo WiiWare: Aero Guitar: Nintendo WiiWare: Aha! A handful of the best games you might have missed on Nintendo's best-selling console. Too bad the online servers are down. Released December 28, 2009. Is this game good for playing alone? Natuurlijk wordt alle informatie die je geeft, vertrouwelijk behandeld. It’s a delightful arcade light-gun experience, especially with two players. Natuurlijk wordt alle informatie die je geeft, vertrouwelijk behandeld. Gebruik de onderstaande knop om meer te weten te komen over dit product. Polished and well-designed, you play as the last boss trying to keep the heroes at bay, laying out monsters before them in the most treacherous ways that money can buy. Lit: WayForward's cross between The Adventures of Lolo and Silent Hill. Travis Touchdown’s first Wii outing was ultimately an unbalanced disappointment, but No More Heroes 2 was a vast improvement, eliminating many of its predecessor's mundane elements in favor of the excellent brawling combat and stylized ultra-violence. Considered to be among the best WiiWare exclusives. Lostwinds 1 & 2: Great art direction, smart puzzles, and great atmosphere. A hug button! That makes them one of the best representations of the Wii Shop Channel, one of Nintendo's most interesting, experimental outings into the world of online anything. Als een Nintendo-account een andere landinstelling heeft, kunnen de voorwaarden van deze aanbieding worden aangepast. WiiWare; Topic: (WiiWare) Hidden Gems. Ook moet het systeem zijn verbonden met het internet en moet de optie om automatisch software te downloaden ingeschakeld zijn. Toribash: A fighting game where every blow is planned out for minutes, or even hours at a time, by painstakingly directing every part of your character's body. i like LIT thought it was a really good game a great puzzle game, Nanaki: Thread was in the WiiWare section, ergo it is about WiiWare. o_O Toki Tori really is overlooked big time. Een zoek-en-vind spel voor iedereen komt naar WiiWare! Het gebruik van ongeoorloofde apparatuur of software die technische modificaties van het Nintendo-systeem of software mogelijk maakt, kan ertoe leiden dat deze software onspeelbaar wordt. Het tegoed dat te gebruiken is via je Nintendo-account, moet dan worden samengevoegd met het tegoed dat verbonden is aan je Nintendo Network ID. Chat with him on Twitter @pettycommajared. Monsteca Corral: A game where you direct some textureless gorillas called "Stompies" around a field as they battle robots in a quest to resurrect a giant astro maggot. Wii Points are about to become the most rare crypto-currency in the world. For series completionists only. [21:15] pixelman: OB knows what he's asking about. Mr. Driller W: A relatively bare-bones version of Mr. Driller, but it's a WiiWare exclusive, and at $8, its also one of the cheapest versions of the game available for home consoles. Play this game. Door een paar minuten de tijd te nemen om je mening en ervaringen met ons te delen, help je ons met het verbeteren van onze site. Welkom in het plaatsje Sunnyville! Depends on who you expect to appreciate it. It has a surprising amount of depth, a Captain Rainbow mask, and a dedicated "scream like a penguin" button. If you mean underappreciated by the public I'd say Toki Tori, if you mean underappreciated by reviewers I'd point at Onslaught (Metacritic average 70). WiiWare; Topic: (WiiWare) Hidden Gems. Ga naar de Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop of het Wii-winkelkanaal voor actuele prijzen van downloadbare software. The Game Boy has some decent fighting games in the handheld versions of Street Fighter 2, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat.