Quality Policy. Wherever you are, whether a small factory or a large industry and even an office desk, accidents and injuries can occur resulting in bleeding, trauma, and even death. Log in at our major accounts portal. Free Shipping on orders $75+ Skip to content. That’s not all. It is lightweight and weighs just 1 pound making it ideal for workplaces and homes. The standard aims to make it easier than ever before to ensure your motor vehicle is stocked with appropriate first aid provision, specifying requirements for the compilation of first aid components in three sizes of first aid kits - small, medium and large. One feature I specifically appreciate about this kit is the supplies added to it are individually packaged and non-vented. However, these are just direct costs. By clicking on the "Accept All Cookies" button, or by continuing to use our website, you consent to all cookies. It is suitable for people of all ages including those having bleeding tendencies. The just-right size of this kit allows you to fit it anywhere at your workplace, or in your car, yacht, jeep, boat, or even bike. You can rest assured that it will not be rusted or spoiled even when exposed to a high level of moisture in the air. All of our workplace first aid kits conform with BS 8599-1:2019. My Cart. The powder coating protects it against moisture and rusting and makes it easier for it to be cleaned to some extent. Having all the supplies with you would allow you to provide immediate care to the injured person until the medical help arrives and avoid the risk of severe blood loss. According to OSHA, ANSI standards become mandatory OSHA standards only when, and if, they are adopted by OSHA. Let’s take a closer look at both OSHA and ANSI. Electricaltoolsworld.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program It is made to be used even in the field and hence, features a drawstring cording platform and a drainage grommet that can hold the pouch open at an angle of 90-degree for easy access. The powder-coated finish of this kit gives it a ‘cool’ look and improves its durability. All of our workplace first aid kits conform with BS 8599-1:2019. It is made available in a durable and compact bag that is small, and lightweight making it easy to carry. What are the common types of bleeding emergencies at workplaces? Also, if you love to have a variety in colors to choose from, you will be glad to know that Lightning X Premium Rip-Away First Aid Kit is available in two colors: black and tan. You will have to replace it with a new kit if it gets damaged thus adding to your expenses. For example, if you work in a catering environment, a catering first aid kit will contain blue plasters and tape to be easily visible. Either your email address or password is not recognised. It is trusted by doctors, nurses, lifeguards, teachers, parents, students, truck drivers, construction workers, and professional business offices. Rough handling and environmental factors are intended to be minimal. It is designed for easy use and comes pre-filled with the basic medical supplies you will need during emergencies. It includes a tourniquet, combat bandage, dressing materials, and chest seal making it your all-in-one emergency kit. Any first aid kit designated Class A must contain the assortment of compliant supplies in the quantities specified in Table 1 of ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015. This first aid kit is packed with nearly 100 essential supplies that can allow you to handle bleeding emergencies at the workplace with ease. It is like your cupboard, which, when you open, allows you to see what is kept where more clearly. The unused supplies could still be used for another person when the need arises as the individual packaging leaves them secure and sterile. This means once you receive your first aid kit, it will be almost ready to use. If you are looking for a larger kit with the same features of the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit, you can choose the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. It is not too large in size making it convenient to use or carry with you. These are intended for use in various work environments, and their classification is based on the anticipated number of users, the complexity of the work environment, and the level of hazards. The K2100PT Small Portable Workplace First Aid Kit is ideal for small businesses such as offices or .. Our K400 Portable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for low to moderate risk level wor.. Our K430 Portable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for low to moderate risk level wor.. Our K800 Safe Work Australia Compliant First Aid Kit is designed for a Low to Medium Risk Workplace .. Our K450 Portable First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for High risk level workplace.. Our K901 Safe Work Australia Compliant Wall-Mount First Aid Kit ensures that you are cover.. Our new modular first aid kits are workplace compliant and enable you to quickly access exactly what.. Our new modular first aid Kits are workplace compliant and enables you to quickly access exactly wha.. Our K1011 Portable First Aid Kit is a big two tray top of the range Paramedic size for ser.. workers are NOT exposed to hazards that can cause SERIOUS injury or illness. Learn about the contents of a workplace first aid kit, as well as what to put in a car first aid kit. Hence, first aid kits that come pre-filled with basic medical supplies are preferred, especially by those who are too pressed for time. However, in certain emergencies, access to the bandages, antiseptic, gauze, and other items found in these assemblages can mitigate injuries entirely or act as temporary abatements before professional help can be reached. First Aid Kits Australia © 2020. Emergency Zone 2 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit is available in two sizes.