Click here to check it out! While this means a, Mahogany neck, back and sides for a warmer, more vibrant tone, Synthetic bone nut and saddle for better tone and tuning stability, Doesn't come with a gig bag, tuner, and lessons DVD. Yamaha C40 Case sold separately. Between the body to the neck, they used a classic dovetail neck joint. This model comes with a standard shaped body with non-cutaway design. The nut and saddle of this guitar are, somewhat predictably, made with inexpensive plastic. It’s perfect for the beginner but not recommended for a serious intermediate and beyond. However, it makes playing complex fingerings much easier. In this section, we've found three alternatives--some are slightly more expensive than the Yamaha C40, but all are suitable for new guitarists. Buying an acoustic guitar is often a significant decision and choosing an instrument with some of its concerns. Yamaha Music London. Great for beginners, Yamaha takes their top selling guitars and packages them with everything you will need to jumpstart your musical career. Any solid-top guitar also will sound better over time, making it a wise choice for those who want to continue playing. This 2001, 40 hp Yamaha is made for saltwater. Required fields are marked *. A real bargain for beginners. This guitar will mostly be used for fingerpicking and the sound is good for playing traditional classical guitar that most new players want to play. It's an affordable but decent-sounding instrument, and you have the option to purchase it as part of a guitar bundle, which gives you everything you need to start playing. Especially if you're buying this instrument intending to use it to learn for years, you probably are concerned with durability. This video lets you hear the guitar's sound for yourself. The Yamaha C40 classical guitar is inexpensive to buy, but also features some inexpensive hardware. This review provides some insight into how the C40 may perform over time. If you are intermediate to an expert player looking for a guitar to fit your playing, this review might not be of benefit to you. That combined with excellent playability and superior tone, make it an instrument that will keep practice inspirational and exciting. Solid-top guitars tend to ", The nut and saddle of this guitar are, somewhat predictably, made with inexpensive plastic. Essentially, before buying, you'll need to consider the type of guitar you want as well as the quality. However, the tuners, nut, and saddle of a guitar shape the tone significantly. It has 3 cylinders. The installation is a relatively straightforward process, but you'll want to make sure you consult a guide if you aren't sure where to place your buttons. Made for right-handers, but is symmetrical and can be restrung for left-handed players. However, it's worth noting that, if you want a way to improve the tone and tuning stability, you can reasonably easily upgrade your nut and saddle. based on 1 ratings. This one has a solid Engelmann spruce top, which is known for its projection abilities. Yamaha makes this guitar's tuners, and in true classical guitar tradition, they are open-gear. If you want an upgraded beginner model with a solid top, be sure to give this remarkably affordable alternative a look. The Yamaha C40 has a Nato neck with a Javanese Rosewood fingerboard. , which is often seen as a cheaper alternative to mahogany. However, many people believe that a classical guitar is more comfortable to learn on--this is because the nylon strings aren't as tough on your hands, and the string tension is lower than that of most steel string instruments. Before purchasing an instrument, it's wise to see what other buyers and players say about it. It can often fall out of tune and there may need to be minor repairs in time to the hardware. There is special gloss finish for an expensive look. This Yamaha C40 review, written by a professional guitarist, offers a few reasons why this guitar is an excellent choice for those just starting. The simplicity is charming and fits the beginner market it was designed for. User generated reviews of Yamaha C40 represent opinions of credited authors alone, and do not represent Chorder's opinion. It is not quite as loud as other classical guitars because of the laminate wood and it isn’t as rich sounding as other guitars. 2001 Yamaha 40 HP. The C40 is a Yamaha guitar that is easy on the wallet and is very pleasant to play, especially for beginners. 19 frets with no inlays are a standard installment on classical guitar fingerboards. Your email address will not be published. to be anything less than all laminate, so the C40's construction is about what you would expect for the price. Spruce is a versatile tonewood, and it's especially good at producing a … Bridge section on this model is equipped with a standard shaped bridge made of rosewood. If you've plated steel-string instruments before, the wider traditional neck may be an adjustment. For under $200, the Yamaha C40 might be one of the best beginner guitars on the market. While its grain looks a bit like mahogany, this is a wood primarily used for its strength, and it is often viewed as being somewhat lacking when it comes to tonal characteristics. Overall the playability is fine and, while nothing to rave about, is worth the price you’ll pay for the Yamaha C40. Bone, synthetic bone, or composites that mimic the tonal properties of ivory (like Graph Tech's Tusq composite) are all excellent choices. Between the body to the neck, they used a classic dovetail neck joint. However, if you are buying a guitar for a younger child and are worried about durability, meranti may be a right tonewood choice. This instrument delivers outstanding cost performance with remarkable playability and tone. 19 frets with no inlays are a standard installment on classical guitar fingerboards. The meranti is a tonewood that may be unfamiliar to many. You, of course, can't compare the tone of this guitar to a professional-quality classical instrument, but we think this guitar has an impressive sound quality for its price range. If you aren’t sure if the guitar is for you, the Yama C40 is an affordable investment to get your feet weight that will hold up over time. Here are some of the features and benefits to think about before making a final purchase decision. The neck is the normal size for a classical guitar this size and plays nicely when fingerpicking. RPM Information:5500. It sounds amazing with the nylon strings. The Mahogany body makes amazing sounds from inside. The nylon-string guitar is. However, the Yamaha C40 is a well-built guitar that can be bought on a budget. However, nylon strings shouldn't be all you consider when buying an acoustic guitar.