I had already played on it and set it up, so I knew when she played it would impress her. You’re here to know more about Yamaha’s JR models. Upgrading to a replacement compensated bone saddle resolved intonation nicely and may help the guitar’s voice a little as well. Fantastic guitar. Hope this helps you choose a guitar that you will enjoy. This saddle left the B string in particular out of tune - noticeably sharp - at various points along the fretboard. It gives guitar almost endless capabilities in virtually every day musical setting. Choosing between the two models is a matter of budget decision. But, the play and sound is out of this world. A genuine spruce top, Indonesian mahogany back and sides, Nato neck and Javanese rosewood fretboard combo is elegant and smooth playing. The guitar comes with reasonable phosphor bronze strings: upgrading to Martin Silk and Steel strings going from 11 to 47 improves playability and gives overall warmer rounded tone (the kids’ guitar teacher recommended these and I agree with him now). Having the ability to play an instrument makes an integral part of great musician. The body features a spruce top and meranti back and sides. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned that this guitar projects and resonates lower tones a lot better than you would think it would due to its size. This website was started by me as a hobby and a platform. The Yamaha JR1 comes with lots of accessories so that you can begin playing right out of the box. You will be happy to that JR1 is used standard components within the retail price. Guitar Type: Steel String Acoustic Crafted with Spruce top, and Meranti back and sides. Its small size, affordable price, and easy playability make it … The free gig bag is suitable for carrying your guitar with you. This guitar is slightly more expensive than JR1. Thanks to its small compact design and an adjustable ratchet mechanism, it can be installable over the entire headstock length. But, they are double the price. Overall recommended if you’re buying a starter for a child to learn on. This model is also popular as travel guitar. The small and compact size of the Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar with dimensions of 35.5 x 16.25 x 4.75 in makes it perfect for kids and beginner musicians. If your child is not used to steel strings it can be a bit uncomfortable and painful for his fingertips in the beginning. No doubt, Yamaha manufactures top-notch guitars. These include; The travel size guitar comes with an on-stage guitar bag that is made with a waterproof exterior that repels water. Yamaha’s Folk Guitar Series body measures 19 inches long and 16.2inches wide at the lower bout. However, with Yamaha JR1 vs JR2, you might wonder if your guitar is portable enough. If your child wishes to play seriously this is an excellent beginner guitar. Honestly, when I opened the box I was taken aback. However, holding them in your hands and closer inspection would reveal that JR2 is made with superior materials than the JR1. They made a long list of models based on the original FG to cater to different styles of playing. Getting the appropriate musical instrument for your child helps in quick learning and make the practice session fun. If you are a beginner looking to buy a good quality acoustic guitar, then look no further because the Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar is the best option for you. It’s a ¾ scale guitar, which makes it ideal for kids, people with dainty hands, and those who travel a lot, and need a trusty companion. The neck is made of durable nato that is bend resistant. The Yamaha JR1 mini guitar for kids features an innovative design that had kids in thought. The JR1 and JR2 provide exceptional quality for the money you pay. The high quality spruce and meranti craftsmanship ensures that the guitar is sturdy and well built. You wouldn’t have your arms or back sore while carrying it with you. It remains in tune and came with every needed accessory. As the top here is not solid, but laminated, it will also mean that it won’t be subject to weather conditions as a solid top would be.The back and sides are made of meranti, also known as “Filipino mahogany”. The lack of finish on the neck may cause it to get dirty and stained but shouldn't hurt anything. You know, you don’t just have an excellent sounding guitar, it’s also beautiful. For those of you who are looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar but are on a tight budget, the Yamaha JR1 6-string Acoustic Guitar is the perfect option for you. A genuine spruce top, Indonesian mahogany back and sides, Nato neck and Javanese rosewood fretboard combo is elegant and smooth playing. They include: Most of the manufacturers try to consider cost for its materials that are used to build a guitar, this is why it is sometimes difficult to make an affordable guitar. With a clever clip-on design, it makes it easier for attachment on the guitar neck of starter guitar for kids. It comes also with a gig bag. They need to check the product description and sizes. The only thing available locally was a JR2 in sunburst. When it comes to getting an appropriate guitar for kids, making the right choice can be challenging. In terms of design, they have kept the guitar relatively simple and small but very stylish and elegant at the same time. The all wood finish and smooth sheen on the surface make the guitar very appealing to look at. It is also hides away at the back to give kids an easy time while playing the guitar. It has a shorter neck to fit in a kids arm, a wooden fingerboard, and beautiful top and chrome hardware accessories. The fretboard is just perfect for youngster's smaller hands and is light enough to make it easily carried and played by younger players (or old plunkers like me). The combination of the two woods used gives the guitar a very luxurious and elegant look. Although both tops are made with spruce, JR1 has a darker yellow tint compared with JR2. We Have A Great Offer For You + The Chance To Win A $100 Cash Card, C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar, Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II Electric Guitar – Vintage Sunburst, Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar – Sunburst GSRM20BS, Best 38 inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit, Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set By Sawtooth, Soprano Saxophone: Mendini by Cecilio Saxophone, Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar – A Bundle Packed Beginners Kit.